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Can I add my own products?

Yes, you can populate your web store with your own products, even if they are not on sale on AliExpress. Please bear in mind that these items will not be synchronized with AliExpress API and will not be updated (stock, prices, etc.) automatically. Such products can be added through default WooCoommerce Add product page.

How many products can I import to my web store?

When you purchase Ali2Woo plugin on CodeCanyon, it has a limit of 1000 products. If you want to extend the limit, you need purchase the upgrade on http://ali2woo.com/. Just register on the website and during registration it will be possible to get the upgrade.

How many suppliers can I work with?

Ali2Woo plugin makes it possible to import any product from any supplier. There are no limitations on the number of sellers who can add products from.
Just one thing you need take in account, you can’t import sexual type products since it’s not allowed in API.

Can I edit imported products?

Sure, you can. When you import the product, it’s added into Ali2Woo > Import List page. On the page you can edit the product before pushing it into your store.

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