Common settings

To access Common settings, go to Ali2Woo -> Settings and click on the “Common settings” tab.

ali2woo common settings

Purchase Settings

Item Purchase Code – you get the license code once you have purchased the plugin on CodeCanyon.

You can find it in your CodeCanyon account. Just go to your “Downloads” page, locate Ali2Woo plugin you purchased in your “Downloads” list and click on the “License Certificate” link next to the download link. After you have downloaded the certificate you can open it in a text editor such as Notepad and copy the Item Purchase Code.

Please be informed that one license code can be used on one domain name only. In case you decide to change a domain name, your Ali2Woo plugin license code should be reset. Please forward your request to the Ali2Woo support team and your license will be reset shortly so that you can activate it on your new domain.

Import Settings

Language – there are 17 languages that are supported on AliExpress completely, choose required language before importing and then products (titles, descriptions and attributes), reviews and shipping methods will be imported in the chosen language.

To translate the plugin interface, please forward your request to Ali2Woo support team. We will give access to a special module where you can translate everything into the desired language.

Currency – Ali2Woo imports all product prices in USD by default and it is possible to choose a different currency for product import. Ali2Woo supports all currencies you see on the AliExpress portal.

US Dollar(USD), Euro(EUR), Australian Dollar(AUD), Brazilian Real(BRL), Canadian Dollar(CAD), Russian Rouble(RUB), Swedish Krona(SEK), Turkish Lira(TRY), Ukraine Hryvnia(UAH), United Kingdom Pound(GBP), Indian Rupee(INR), Indonesian Rupiah(IDR), Japanese Yen(JPY), Mexican peso(MXN), Afghan Afghani(AFN), Albanian Lek(ALL), Angolan Kwanza(AOA), East Carribean Dollar(XCD), Armenian Dram(AMD), Aruban Florin(AWG), St. Helena Pound(SHP), Azerbaijan New Manat(AZN), Bahamian Dollar(BSD), Bahraini Dinar(BHD), Bangladeshi Taka(BDT), Belarusian Ruble(BYR), Belize Dollar(BZD), CFA Franc BCEAO(XOF), Bermudian Dollar(BMD), Bhutan Ngultrum(BTN), Bosnian Mark(BAM), Botswana Pula(BWP), Norwegian Kroner(NOK), Brunei Dollar(BND), Bulgarian Lev(BGN), Burundi Franc(BIF), Cambodian Riel(KHR), CFA Franc BEAC(XAF), Cape Verde Escudo(CVE), Cayman Islands Dollar(KYD), Chilean Peso(CLP), Comoros Franc(KMF), Congolese Franc(CDF), New Zealand Dollar(NZD), Costa Rican Colon(CRC), Czech Koruna(CZK), Danish Krone(DKK), Djibouti Franc(DJF), Dominican Peso(DOP), Egyptian Pound(EGP), Salvadoran colón(SVC), Eritrean Nakfa(ERN), CFP Franc(XPF), Nicaraguan Cordoba Oro(NIO), Nigerian Naira(NGN), Omani Rial(OMR), Pakistan Rupee(PKR), Papua New Guinea Kina(PGK), Paraguay Guarani(PYG), Philippine Peso(PHP), Polish Zloty(PLN), Qatari Rial(QAR), Romanian New Leu(RON), Rwandan Franc(RWF), Samoan Tala(WST), Sao Tome/Principe Dobra(STD), Saudi Riyal(SAR), Serbian Dinar(RSD), Seychelles Rupee(SCR), Sierra Leone Leone(SLL), Singapore Dollar(SGD), Solomon Islands Dollar(SBD), Somali Shilling(SOS), South African Rand(ZAR), Korean Won(KRW), Sri Lanka Rupee(LKR), Suriname Dollar(SRD), Swaziland Lilangeni(SZL), Swiss Franc(CHF), Taiwan Dollar(TWD), Tajikistan Somoni(TJS), Tanzanian Shilling(TZS), Thai Baht(THB), Tongan Pa’anga(TOP), Trinidad/Tobago Dollar(TTD), Tunisian Dinar(TND), Turkmenistan New Manat(TMT), Uganda Shilling(UGX), Utd. Arab Emir. Dirham(AED), Uruguayan Peso(UYU), Uzbekistan Som(UZS), Vanuatu Vatu(VUV), Vietnamese Dong(VND), Yemen Rial(YER), Zambian Kwacha(ZMW), Zimbabwe Dollar(ZWL), Ethiopian Birr(ETB), Falkland Islands Pound(FKP), Fiji Dollar(FJD), Gambian Dalasi(GMD), Georgian Lari(GEL), Ghanaian New Cedi(GHS), Gibraltar Pound(GIP), Guatemalan Quetzal(GTQ), Guinea Franc(GNF), Guyanan Dollar(GYD), Haitian Gourde(HTG), Honduran Lempira(HNL), Hong Kong Dollar(HKD), Hungarian Forint(HUF), Iceland Krona(ISK), Iraqi Dinar(IQD), Israeli New Shekel(ILS), Jamaican Dollar(JMD), Kazakhstan Tenge(KZT), Kenyan Shilling(KES), Kuwaiti Dinar(KWD), Kyrgyzstanian Som(KGS), Lao Kip(LAK), Lebanese Pound(LBP), Lesotho Loti(LSL), Liberian Dollar(LRD), Libyan Dinar(LYD), Macanese pataca(MOP), Macedonian Denar(MKD), Malawi Kwacha(MWK), Malaysian Ringgit(MYR), Maldive Rufiyaa(MVR), Mauritius Rupee(MUR), Moldovan Leu(MDL), Mongolian Tugrik(MNT), Moroccan Dirham(MAD), Mozambique New Metical(MZN), Myanmar Kyat(MMK), Namibia Dollar(NAD), Nepalese Rupee(NPR), Argentine Peso(ARS), Peruvian Nuevo Sol(PEN), Algerian Dinar(DZD), Jordanian Dinar(JOD), Bolivian Mvdol(BOB), Unidad de Valor Real(COP), Barbados Dollar(BBD), Panamanian balboa(PAB), Croatian kuna(HRK)

Also, if you need some unsupported currency (on AliExpress), you need to convert the prices of your products to the currency by changing the price multiplier on the Pricing rules page. It relatively easy since you just multiply your existing Price Multiplier by the ratio between USD and your currency.

Default product type – Ali2Woo supports two modes for the option.  Default one is “Simple/Variable Product” and if the mode is chosen, Ali2Woo will import products into WooCommerce as Simple or Variable product depending on AliExpress product type. Another mode is “External/Affiliate Product”, in that case Ali2Woo will import products as External products. The external products can’t be added into the cart, they have “buy button” that forward your customers to AliExpress product page directly.

Default product status – once you push products to your shop from the Import list, products will automatically become visible to your visitors or keep in the Draft folder and can be published later.

Tracking Code Order Status – use this option to change your order status automatically when Tracking ID is added to the order.

Placed Order Status – set the status to the order automatically when it’s placed on AlIExpress with the Chrome extension

Not import attributes – AliExpress product page contains “Item specifics” section (i.e. attributes). If the option is enabled, then the attributes will not be imported.

Not import description – use the option if you don’t want to import product description from AliExpress.

Don’t import images from the description – use the option if you don’t want to import the images containing in the AliExpress product description. Those images will be skipped.

Use external image urls – if you want to save free space on your server, you can activate the option and images will use external paths and loaded right from AliExpress cloud servers. If you have not this option enabled, then Ali2Woo plugin loads the images to your server.

Use random stock value – AliExpress sellers use the similar stock value for all their products and variations, for example, 999. If you want to import the products with a more realistic value of the stock, please use the option.

Extended variation attributes – WooCommerce has two types of variation attributes for products “Custom attributes” and “Global attributes”. If you want the imported variations attributes to be added as “Global attributes” you need to use the option.
Please note, if you have the option disabled, the variations attributes will be imported as “Custom attributes” except the case when some attribute has been already added as “Global attribute” in WooCommerce.
If you want to learn more about the attributes and their types, please check this article.

Schedule settings

Aliexpress Sync – if you want the product prices, stock and variations to be synced automatically with AliExpress, you need activate the option.

When product is no longer available – choose what to do if a product is no longer available on AliExpress.

When variant is no longer available – choose an action when some product variant is no longer available on Aliexpress.

When a new variant has appeared – set a behaviour when a new product variant appear on Aliexpress.

When the price changes – choose an action when the price of your product changes.

When inventory changes – choose action when the inventory level of a particular product changes.

Chrome Extension settings

These options will work if you have Ali2Woo Chrome extension installed and use Chrome browser to work with AliExpress website. Please check the article to learn more about each option from the section.

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