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Ali2Woo google chrome extension allows you :

  • add products to your site directly from AliExpress
  • highlight e-Packet products on AliExpress website
  • fulfill orders automatically and collect tracking IDs to send your clients

How to setup the extension?

You need install Ali2Woo Google Chrome extension and then configure it properly to use these features. You will see new icon on the search panel of your Chrome browser.
Click on the icon with right mouse button and then new contex menu appear below the icon, click on the Options menu item there.

Now you should see the Options page with several fields. Here you can connect your WooCommerce stores with the extension.
You need connect at least one store.

Lets say you have a store and in the store there is WordPress backend login form here: .
For example to access to the store`s dashboard you use “admin” as username and “test” as password. To connect the extension with that store, just fill all apropriate fields and click on the Add Store button.

You can add more stores if you wish. Just don’t forget to choose the active store using the checkbox near the line containing the stores`s parameters.
When you choose the active store, the extension will check the connection automatically and show the message with the result.

If you see the error message “connection is failed”, then first check you have inputted the correct username, password and domain in the store`s settings. Also please pay attention to the store protocol you specified. Also if you can’t solve the issue, please send a request to our support center.

What additional parameters available for the extension?

There are several parameters which change Ali2Woo chrome extension behaviour.

  • Default shipping method that need to be highlighted on AliExpress website. Also its value is used as default method in order fulfillment.
  • Default shipping country should be set to desired ship-to country to highlight products on AliExpress website. For example, if you want to highlight ePacket products which should be shipped to USA, you need set the apropriate settings.
  • Currency – you can change the currency used for price calculation when you see the products on AliExpress
  • Custom note – use it to overwrite the order note during the order fulfillment
  • Override phone number – use it to overwrite the order phone number during the order fulfillment

To set those parameters you need to change apropriate Ali2Woo settings on your website, please read this article and this article to learn more about it.


Please note when you change those parameters in your Ali2Woo plugin settings, you need to sync the extension with your WooCommerce website.
The easiest way to do that if you just open the extension Options page and click on the checkbox you use to set the active store, after that the parameters will be synced.

If you have several stores added on your Chrome extension Options page, you need tick that one you want to sync and use to import products.

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