Account settings and AliExpress cashback [+video]

The word cashback literally means “getting your cash back”. Cashback system lets you get part of the money you spend online back. The cashback scheme works as follows: you click a special affiliate link and purchase the desired products on AliExpress. After the products are delivered, part of the cost is returned to you on your affiliate account. Then you can withdraw your money, getting an additional bonus to your main dropshipping source of income.

Our cashback lets everyone who is making purchases on AliExpress to buy things in a more profitable way regardless of the country they live in. Cashback size depends on the number of purchases. The more you buy, the bigger is the cash-back. You just click Place Order button on the plugin to process the orders for your clients on AliExpress and get commission on every purchase.

To start using a cashback system you need to register with Admitad or AliExpress Portal programs, get your API key details and setup the apropriate account in Ali2Woo plugin settings.

AliExpress Portal account

If you want to set up AliExpress Portal account, first tick the “Use custom account” checkbox, then you will see new fields to input AliExpress Portal parameters.

APP Key – when you create new account on AliExpress Portal platform,  it will generate an appKey.

TrackingId – the tracking ID of your account in the Portals platform.

Admitad account

Also it possible to use the Admitad account, if you have. Just tick the “Use custom account” checkbox and then choose “Admitad account” value in the “Account type” field.
New field “Cashback URL” will appear, you can get that url from your Admitad account. Keep reading this article to know steps how to get it.

If you click Admitad AliExpress link, you will be redirected to Admitad site. Choose I’m a Publisher => Sign Up.

Fill out the form and click Continue sign-up.

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