Raising the Conversion Rate for AliExpress Dropshipping Store


We collected 9 tips for improving a dropshipping store that helps to heighten the conversion rate. Focusing on this metric allows to spend money and efforts on your store promotion more effectively. Conversion has close connections to buyers’ experience, trust and comfort. So we are going to talk about customers satisfaction and sales rise as well.

Why Do We Care About Conversion?

For your online store conversion is a percent of people who buy on your website in comparison to all your visitors. The idea to increase conversion rate may be said in simple words “sell more to the same number of visitors”. Better to attract 100 people to your website and sell to 20 of them than attract 100 people and sell to 5 of them. It is conversion rate 20% VS conversion rate 5%.


What conversion rate is considered to be good for online stores? About 3%. One purchase to 50 visitors. So, to make 100 sales a month an average eCommerce business should attract 50000 visitors. Or raise the conversion rate.

Even if your store conversion rate is higher than 3% (congratulations!), it can be improved. To start working on the conversion, use analytic systems such as Google Analytics. Compare the number of visitors and the number of buyers before and after your improvement.

There are several points on every eCommerce website that can be improved: the main page, product pages, cart, payment.

Main page — Influence Consumers’ Confidence with UX

main page-influence-consumers-confidence with-UX

According to Rachel Botsman, trust is a confident relationship to “the unknown”. It is not easy. New visitors will always question themselves, if it is safe to buy at a new store. Appropriate design of your online store is the way to lower customers anxiety and help them to feel more confident.

Be predictable. An online store should look like an online store, not a magazine or non-profit organisation. Show product cards, discount offers on the main page of your website like any other shop.

Choose a good design. Beautiful things are generally perceived to be easier to use and are regarded as more valuable than ugly ones. It is “Aesthetic-Usability” effect. So your website should be good-looking: logically organized, clear, adoptive.

Be transparent. Make pages about delivery, return policy, contacts and show them clear in the menu, where a user expects to find them.

Chat. One step forward after easy to find contacts live chat. It is the way to provide your customers more comfort and make your website more trustworthy in their eyes. It is an opportunity to get answers at once and see that the store owner cares to support them.

Borrow the trust. Show your social blocks, how many people follow your AliExpress dropshipping store and what they write to you. Add reviews. Add security seals, according to Baymard Institute they raise the trust:

  • SSL seals which are issued by SSL certificate vendors like Norton, Thawte, Trustwave, Comodo
  • Trust seals like Google Trusted Store, BBB Accredited, TRUSTe
  • Visual symbols like “Secure Checkout” badges.

Use secure payment gateway for the payment processing.

Product Pages — 4 Growing Points


First of All — Impressive Images

Product images are an eye-catching instrument that helps to attract customers and win in comparing to other shops. They have great impact on conversion rate. Though all the information the store gives about a product is important, images are the first point and they are more influential than description and even discounts.

Choose the most magnetic and high-quality images that the manufacturer provides and make your own cool photos.

Buyers are very interested in the product itself, its characteristics, the emotions it may cause, the benefits it may give. That’s why you can use two types of images:

  • the product on a white background to show the thing from all sides,
  • the product in real life: on a desk, in the kitchen, in the garden. Show how people use your product how they hand it, what emotions they feel.

As customers can’t touch products before the purchase, they need to look closely and examine the details. So use high-quality photos, that website visitors can zoom.

Touching Product Description


Detailed and touching product description helps to build credibility. People like to buy from someone who cares. And you can show your deep understanding of product and problems it helps to solve with good description. If your website visitors find it in tune with them, they will buy.

Do not describe only product features, write about the benefits the user will get with it. You sell not just products, but experience to each customer. How can your product make your customers happier, more productive, healthier or smarter? What are the problems it can solve?

Write from user position. What will see a person who is going to use it (a 3D pen, a yoga mat etc.)? What will the person feel? Is your product smooth, steady or lightweight? Use such sensory words.

To make detailed long read description friendly, use several sections of your text: what it is, design, how it works, features, characteristics. Make bullet points.

Good Product Videos


Video can’t replace images in eCommerce but at the same time they a really selling. That’s because they give an opportunity to see products in use. Even Google is impressed with the number of YouTube videos for reviews, unboxing and the first use. Other people’s personal experiences help consumers to decide what’s right for them. There are some tips for using the videos below:

  • The videos should support your goal (to sell the product)
  • In the website design show that there are both photos and videos
  • Add text description with the main ideas of the video, so that visitors who have no opportunity to watch it, do not feel that they missed something
  • And use subtitles
  • Like images, videos should demonstrate the product quality and show the people who use it and their emotions: comfort, joy, confidence.
  • Use high-quality promotional videos and even good-quality user videos, if they work good for selling.

270% up with Reviews and Ratings


As you may remember, reviews on product page increase the purchase likelihood by 270% on average. Almost every store visitor will look through the reviews. So, turn to this instrument to increase the conversion rate on your AliExpress dropshipping store:

  • Display several reviews (at least 5-10) on every product page.
  • Use ratings: Bymard Institute registers users rely on the rating summary even more than the actual review content. The most effective range is considered to be about 4.0–4.7.
  • Allow to use photos for reviews on your website. They say more than 1000 words.
  • Publish the most interesting reviews at your social media, newsletter and other channels.
  • Show that your store welcomes reviews. Offer coupons and discounts.
  • Reply to your clients. 89% of consumers read responses to reviews. This is a cheap but effective way to build relationships with your audience.


A part of the audience is looking for sales. They’ll never buy for “full” price. To make them clients, not letting just pass by, there should be discount at the store. You may offer discounts always or spread coupons and announce specials, collecting your customers’ emails.

An AliExpress dropshipping store makes profit on sales, showing artificially high prices and a significant discount. No matter how you set the high price, carefully calculate the actual one to safe margin for your store. Use our post about pricing strategies.

Cart — Free Shipping


A dropshipping business permanently has shipping costs, while consumers desire free delivery. If the shipping sum seems high to them, customers may turn to another store, leaving almost complete order. Such abandoned carts mean low conversion. So entrepreneurs meet the expectations and offer free shipping, adding the postage expenses to the product price. Often people understand it, but psychological power of free shipping lead them to purchase nonetheless.

Payment — Provide Alternatives

Not to lose consumers at the payment point, use secure payment gateway and add many payment options.

It will be disappointing, if after all the order making process, a customer can’t buy selected goods, because there are no appropriate type of payment. Disappointing either for the buyer nor for the seller. Someone prefers to pay by card, someone relies on PayPal, someone likes to spend their Webmoney. And even particular payment systems do not work in particular countries.

So, it is a business interest to provide suitable alternatives for paying and satisfy clients. If you find that your AliExpress dropshipping store has a high number of abandoned carts, the cause may be in the payment options. So, fixing the problem may increase your conversion rate.

After the Purchase — Referral Programs


A good frank recommendation is the most trustworthy channel of sale. We ask our friends for a recommendation, if we are looking for a good service, or ask, where they have bought an interesting thing they demonstrate. So, a referral program can increase conversion rate for a dropshipping store. This can be:

  • referral links,
  • coupons and codes, that a client can send to his friends or readers (if the client is a blogger),
  • personal discount or present for Facebook share.

Referral programs and actions help to strengthen the relations with the store audience and widely spread the information about dropshipping business. More satisfied clients more good relations more referrals — more buyers.

To spend less on the acquisition to your AliExpress dropshipping store, improve your conversion rate, so every your advertising may bring you more sales.

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