How to turn dropshipping into a very profitable business?

How to turn dropshipping into a very profitable business

There are two ways to turn a dropshipping model into a profitable business. First – use a special plugin like Ali2Woo (dropshipping solution). Second – use marketing tactics that increase your popularity. We will tell you about both ways.

What will bring success to your dropshipping business?

First of all, you must be able to navigate the market, the niche in which you work, know the regular major competitors, know and competently assess the constantly changing market situation, try to use the emerging opportunities in your interests. 

Secondly, you have to widen the target audience. It is right to work in a narrow market segment, but with the lapse of time company’s development will stop. Expanding commercial activities and analyzing the likely customers from other social strata, you can work in a new niche market. It does not necessarily have to be the same online dropshipping store. You can buy or create a new online store and make it your partner, which you indicate on the main site, as well as make a planned newsletter to your subscribers. This will give you an immediate increase in sales, and if you prove yourself well in the new segment, sales will be constant.

Consumer relationships are a major part of your success. You have to develop relationships with your customers where they will not only be your loyal customers, but they will recommend you to their friends. Implementing customer support programs, creating attractive terms for wholesale customers to expand the volume of product batches – all these are means to increase profits and develop your online dropshipping store.

To attract new customers, you will need to invest in an advertising campaign. Another standard move is to lower prices. It is generally believed that this will attract new visitors to the store. However, customers are often attracted not by low prices on goods, but simply by information about low prices in a particular store. That is, buyers are attracted to promotions, which specify the percentage of price reductions. A decrease in prices has an especially effective influence on another very important factor – the correlation between visitors and actual buyers of the store. This indicator is also positively influenced by the quality of service and the level of customer service. 

How do buyers choose dropshipping online stores?

As practice shows, the buyer from two stores chooses the one with a higher level of service, not lower prices. So, gain a base of regular customers. Help them, offer bonuses, you may even sell at the manufacturer’s price. The main thing is to keep and increase the customer base.

Also, special attention should be paid to hiring staff. There will come a time when you will not have time to do everything yourself. And the assistant should not be found at that moment, but before. This is because when you take the assistant, it is still necessary to train him or her, and thus spend extra time, which you already won’t be enough. For this reason, when you will receive at least 30 orders per day, you should think about an assistant.

When you have workers, in theory, this should double your income, because it’s the same person and he or she can be trained as you (especially since you already know that your work is not so difficult). Do not be afraid to delegate your work to others. Remember, if you become unable to cope with the work and do not take your assistant – this is the beginning of the collapse of your dropshipping business. And if you take two, it’s the beginning of success!

Dropshipping plugins

Special dropshipping plugins like Ali2Woo can help you turn your work into a profitable business. Advantages of our Ali2Woo plugin:

  • Easy to install and config
  • 24/7 sales with full automation
  • You can import any products from AliExpress with one click
  • You can import unlimited products
  • You can place unlimited orders

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