Best dropshipping suppliers of gifts for boys

Best dropshipping suppliers of gifts for boys min

If you are looking for a profitable idea for your online dropshipping store, you should pay attention to the niches focusing on particular audiences. One of such audiences is young boys. There are plenty of goods you can display in your dropshipping boy store. But in order to get them and open your shop, you need to get in touch with trusted suppliers. Here we introduce to you some of the best suppliers of products for little and teen boys.

  • The Brick Bank
  • Empire Distribution
  • Eleganter Australia
  • CJDropshipping

The Brick Bank

Actually, there are not many vendors that drop ship Lego products, which are beloved by boys and teenagers all over the world. The Brick Bank is one of the companies distributing Lego toys to dropshipping stores. The company ships over 1000 pounds of bulk Bricks globally every month. It offers reasonable pricing and categorizes products so that every online entrepreneur could find the most affordable and demanded Lego toys to display in one’s store.

If you want to make your cooperation with this supplier more effective, you should consider using additional tools, such as our dropshipping plugin for AliExpress. This cheap tool will help you find more Lego dropshipping suppliers, synchronize your pricing rates, and import goods automatically.

Empire Distribution

Boys and teens all over the world are fond of playing with remote control cars. But in order to satisfy your young customers, you have to offer the products of the highest quality. You can get them from Empire Distribution. Empire Distribution is the UK-based wholesaler of remote control toys. Their assortment includes not only cars and helicopters but a wide range of drones, ships, boats, and tanks as well. The company has been maintaining its reputation as a highly-reliable dropshipping supplier for over 15 years.

Eleganter Australia

Boys enjoy playing not only cars and robots, they like spending time with educational toys, some of which might be extremely gripping for young people. That’s why Eleganter Australia wholesaler offers an extensive range of table games, jigsaw puzzles, and brain development toys. With this vendor, your store can sell many other goods for other categories of kids.


CJDropshipping is a supplier of children’s clothes. It has a wide assortment of apparel for boys and babies. The vendor is widely popular because of its fast dropshipping services. The company has its warehouses in China, the USA, the UK, Germany, Spain, and Asian countries, which makes delivery of goods as fast as possible, even if your clients live in the most remote corners of the world.

Last but not least, many boys like reading adventurous stories about superheroes. If you want to enter the niche of selling comic books, you should consider cooperating with This is a Chinese platform where you may find comic books at any price and on any topic. Make your assortment diversified by displaying both on-demand and less-popular comic books for boys and teens.

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