Best Chinese products to dropship in 2022

Best chinese products to dropship in 2022 min

The success of your online dropshipping business is determined by many factors. Except for building a market strategy for your store and finding suppliers, you need to make an important decision – which products to sell and where to find them? Since Chinese inventory is supposed to be the cheapest in the world, today, we will guide you through dropshipping goods from China. Here are trending products you will find on AliExpress and other Chinese vendors:

  • Toys
  • Decorative products
  • Sports Bras
  • Mini Projectors
  • Kitchen Towels

Making dropshipping more effective

Dropshipping is a complicated process that involves numerous procedures. In order to increase sales, you need to be able to manage all of them effectively. But how? Actually, we have the solution.

Our dropshipping plugin for AliExpress makes all the processes 100%-automative. This means you can allocate your attention to other essential processes for just a single payment of $35. The plugin will automatically manage inventory fulfillment, price synchronization, goods customization, and even some processes related to the marketing of your business.


This niche remains popular throughout the year, no matter if seasons and trends are changing. Besides, many toy products, surprisingly, are demanded not only by kids but by adults as well. They eagerly purchase jigsaw puzzles, table games, and remote control toys, which increases your chances to boost sales!

Decorative products

The next goods to dropship from China in 2022 are decorative products. People are now forced to stay at home longer than before. That’s why they find ways to make their houses more cozy and comfortable. Decorating with different unique pieces is quite a good idea.

Sports Bras

These Chinese products were especially popular at the very beginning of lockdown. But even today, when people have the possibility to attend gyms, they purchase sports bras to exercise at home. Women simply figured out that exercising at home might be quite productive if done with enough passion, effort, and in comfortable clothes.

Mini Projectors

One of the recent trends increasing in popularity is watching movies at home. To make the effect of watching as similar to the cinema experience as possible, people buy different mini projectors and enjoy watching their favorite films and cartoons in a cozy atmosphere. You may find a lot of mini projectors manufactured by some of the most productive Chinese companies and sold by trending products suppliers.

Kitchen Towels

The popularity of Chinese kitchen towels doesn’t stop growing. These items might be useful for many purposes, not only in the kitchen. Plus, they are affordable and there are various Chinese suppliers with very extensive assortments of towels. Finally, you can easily market them via any social network, making your store more visible for larger audiences in 2022.

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