21 Best Dropshipping Niches to Increase Profit Dramatically (2019)

Today we’re going to show you 21 best dropshipping niches.

We include these niches to our list because they show good daily sales on AliExpress in 2019.

Moreover, they give a good profit to dropshipping stores for the last 4 years.

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1. Dog Accessories

Many people love pets, and most of them can’t stay long without their dogs. How about you delve into this niche?

Dog Accessories is a winning niche as products under this niche are often on demand. Yes, the pet niche isn’t new, but it remains relevant, and you too can benefit from it.

Google trend analysis shows that people are interested in pet accessories even in 2019.


Every pet needs proper care and the demand for their accessories remain on the high side. These include clothes, training aids, toys and other grooming accessories.

For example, take a look at the product ideas below:

High quality dog accessories silicone pet brush
Bite Toys For Dog
Plastic Brush Puppy

2. Power Tools

Power tools are one of the best items to sell online right now!

They are easy to find and supply to customers. They also have upwelled value. For instance, newcomers will be interested in woodworking plans. Woodworkers are passionate about their craft.

Tools also have a lot of wear and tear and need to be replaced regularly. If you can attract a loyal following, you will have many repeat customers who can’t stop buying from you.

Now check out some of the products you may want to import:

Electric Screwdriver Cordless
Household Reciprocating Saw for Power Tool
Electric Screwdriver Lithium Battery Rechargeable

3. Tech Supplies

How about selling tech supplies?

3D Printing equipment, drones, mobile devices, and all their accessories and parts are great tech products that have high demand.

Industry researches show that every person living in a developed country will have to come in contact with 3D products and the global 3D printing market will hit $34,8 billion in 2024.


Likewise, drones which find use in many areas of life are high on demand. Drone market analytics, in 2016, was valued at $1.17 billion, and speculations are that it will hit $5.41 billion come 2022.


The global population seems to be using mobile devices more than traditional computers.

In fact, from Google queries, it shows that people make use of mobile devices more than desktops.

Setting up a dropshipping store and filling it with products related to these niches will most probably give you an edge.

Here are some products under the “tech supplies” drop shipping niche.

Marine Gps Fish Detector
High Precision Desktop 3d Printer
Multifunction Ballpen

4. Energy-saving Devices

Speculations have it that the quest for energy will increase by 50% in 2030.

The increase in energy production and demand causes many developed countries to seek clean energy sources.

Global investments in renewable energy were expected to reach $228.3 billion in 2018.


Reducing the global energy crisis is not reserved for governments and scientists alone.

The masses can be a part of this process, and many people are willing to get started.

Take a look at some of the energy-saving items you can import and sell without hassle.

Electric Energy Power Saver
Power Saving Box

5. Wireless Devices

Wireless gadgets are some products people buy easily.

The world is evolving technologically, and many people would prefer to go wireless without compromising the benefits they get with their gadgets.

Wireless Audio Market Global Forecast states that the wireless audio market will hit $31.80 billion by the year, 2023 with a yearly growth of $16.13 starting from 2016 through to 2023.


In the same vein, Business Insider speculates that the headphone market will experience a 45% increase throughout the next 5 years.

What’s the catch? Wireless gadgets are the new thing, and their demands keep increasing.

When you’re looking to find a dropshipping niche, you may want to start with Wireless Devices and sell different products under this niche.

Now, look at some products you could sell.

Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earphone
Anti Spy Bug Detector
Bluetooth Earphone

6. Items Related To Posture

While you see many people walk around every day, some of them seek solutions to their posture problems.

If you can offer them correction items that cater to their posture issues, they wouldn’t waste time to grab it.

In fact, every second person has posture related issues. Having a good posture doesn’t just boost confidence but encourages better health.


Are you on a search to find top dropshipping niches in 2019?

Try out this niche and sell products related to it.

With proper marketing and traffic sources, you should sell just like you desire.

Here are some products related to posture correction.

Adjustable Back Posture Corrector
Women Back Support Belt
Magnetic Therapy Adult Back Corset

7. Musical Instruments

Musical instruments were some of the best products to dropship in 2017, 2018, and are still a top choice for 2019.

Few product categories have a more passionate fan base.

Drums sets and guitars are particular good drop shipping business ideas.


Many musicians will buy multiple instruments.

You can also market to students.

Each year, new people take up instruments.

Portable For Beginner Flute
Durable 32 Piano Keys Melodica
Ceramic Ocarina Flute

8. Gun Safes

Gun safety is a hot topic right now, and they are not going to change any time soon.

This is a trend you will see continue for several years.

Every day, you hear about another accidental shooting and misuse of guns.

Many gun owners want a safer place to keep their guns; they want a box they can count on to secure their guns.


Want to find a best dropshipping niche?

Gun Safes are good products to sell.

Now, look at the products below.

Portable Fingerprint Gun Safes Box
Biometric Fingerprint Safe Box
Password Safe Box Solid Steel Security

9. Lifestyle Niche

There are some items we can hardly do without every day.

In fact, dropshippers who go for lifestyle products are bound to make good sales if they put in effort into marketing.

Lifestyle elements don’t just spice up boring day but can define one’s personality.

Whether your buyers want to buy items in line with their hobbies, passion or interest, your lifestyle niche got them covered.


You may want to specialize in space-themed products.

Moon and star decorations are one of the biggest interior design trends you can think about, and customers are always ready to buy.

Galaxy-inspired color schemes are under speculations to be the trendiest interior design idea in 2019.

Find some products in this niche and fill up your store. Here are some ideas:

Gold Dots Wall Sticker
Decal For Home Interior
Decor Hair Salon

10. Women's Clothing

Women’s clothing niche remains evergreen.

Whether you’re looking to delve into selling intimate items, accessories or just bottom-related items, women’s clothing niche is sure to give you a good experience.


This niche incorporates various products that range from scarf clips to headbands, and gloves among others.

No woman would cheerfully step out without making use of one or more accessories.

If you want to find a niche, you may want to consider starting with women’s accessories and clothing.

Women Retro Corduroy Dress
Top Ladies Short Sleeve
Basic Sweaters Women

11. Bracelets and Bangles

One common thing with products in this niche is that virtually all the products are cheap.

Even though you might not earn so much from each sale, you can get huge amounts selling many of these products.


As a dropshipper, you can enjoy a 100% markup.

Bracelets Bangles For Women Fashion
Pandora Bracelet DIY Handmade
Leather Anchor Bracelets

12. Neon Clothes and Accessories

Neon clothing and related accessories are already a big thing in 2019.

New York Fashion Week has got everyone talking about and getting addicted to neon and other catchy colors.

These colors are not just good when seen in workout wears and casual wears, having such colors in classy outfits crowns it all.


What’s the catch? Find these colors in more sophisticated wears and import to your store.

Look at the products below.

Neon Green Turtleneck Long Sleeve
Wire Cable Led Neon
Spring Solid Candy Neon Leggings

13. Velvet Accessories

Velvet elements look good on anyone, and they are not ideal for interior designs.

These accessories can be worn for routine daily occasions, and even as casual evening outfits.


Though these colors have been around for some time now in the interior design section and clothing angle, it remains evergreen.

Look at some of the products you can go for:

Elegant Velvet Solid Elastic Hair Bands
Cute Girl Hair Rope Velvet
Hand Made Velvet Pearl

14. Oversized Clothing

The good old times are here again!

New York Fashion Week appeared to have reintroduced oversized dresses and shirts, and everyone seems to want to have one.

Many renowned and not-so-popular designers now have oversized clothing in their collections for cozy outdoor enthusiasts.

Big pockets, padded shoulders, and baggy silhouettes characterize oversized clothes, and these can be traced back to the ’80s.


If you’re yet to find a niche, you can import some of these clothes on your store to get started.

Oversized T-shirt
Women Dress Plus Size
Oversized Sweatshirt Plus Size

15. Minimalist Luggage

Travel niche is an ever-relevant one as people never cease to travel.

Build a brand around this niche and sell minimalist travel items. Lately, people want to travel with little or no luggage.

If you can cater to their needs for traveling light, then you can make a good fortune.

With time, you may want to partner with travel brands and promote their affiliate offers.


In the meantime, find some products in the minimalist travel luggage niche and sell. Here are some product ideas.

Multifunction Travel Bags Large Capacity
Travel Luggage Organizer
High Capacity Travel Bags

16. Tiny Home Furnishings (Decor)

Everyone lives in a home, whether as a tenant or as a homeowner.

Whatever be the case, the need to furnish homes often arise; from updating existing furnishes to renovation.

Want to find a drop shipping niche that can increase your revenue? Tiny home furnishing items are quite on demand, and it’s not late to cash out on these items.


Check out for the numerous products in the décor niche, import them and market expertly.

Here are some product ideas you may want to try out under this category.

Originality Home Furnishing Flowerpot
Mini Message Wishing Glass Bottle

17. Beauty and Health

Standing out as one of the best niches in dropshiping, beauty and health niche has so many product options and a ready-to-buy audience.

Beauty and Health ranked 9th position in 2016, and moved up to the 2nd position in 2018, then dropped a bit to the 3rd spot in 2018.


Speculations have it that it will perform even better in 2019.

Check out this niche and its numerous products. Everyone wants to look beautiful and stay healthy.

Roller Elliptical Massager
Beauty Face Roller
Full Face Lift Masks

18. Organic Products

Unlike some other niches with products that have declining Google trends, organic products have their demands growing exponentially.


People now love natural things, and many people don’t think twice before getting on organic products.

Ranging from bamboo toothbrush to essential oils, and many others, many mini products are winning in this niche, and have higher demands.

Men Beard Oil
Portable Soap Dishes
Bamboo Charcoal Health Toothbrush

19. Pool Accessories

Pools are another fantastic niche business idea.

The climate keeps getting hotter and hotter, so pools aren’t just for summer anymore.

You can also sell pool covers and pool maintenance equipment, which are expensive in their own right.

Plus, many people want pools but don’t have the option of putting in in-ground pools.

Waterproof Swimming Earplugs
Kid Diving Ring

20. Hair Care

One of the dropshipping niches that have remained relevant over a long period is the hair care niche.

No one would cheerfully want to have their hair unkempt, and the need for hair care products sets in.

If you’re going to expand your category or start up a new dropshipping store, hair care accessories is a niche you might consider.

From Google trends, hair care products have maintained a steady trend since 2017, and this shows that it’s not going down the trend soon.


Below you can find several AliExpress product examples from this niche:

Oil Hair Care
Hair Comb Massage

21. Fashion Accessories (Hats)

Revenue in the Hats & Caps segment amounts to $7.29 billion in 2019. The market is expected to grow annually by 6.0%

This gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to expand their dropshipping business.

Do well to note that dropshippers who operate in the hat niche need to keep an eye on seasons.

Demands for toques spike during winter, and spring or summer hats sell best during other seasons.

Once you experience success selling hats, you can go for complementary products and other fashion accessories.


Look at these product ideas.

Baseball Cap
Cute Children Sun Hats

Did We Miss Anything?

Now we’d like to hear from you:

Which niche from today’s post are you going to try first?

Or maybe we didn’t mention some of your favorite dropshipping niche.

Either way, let us know by leaving a comment below right now.

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