26 Best Free Traffic Sources (in 2019) – The Complete List [Infographic]

In this article, you’ll be learning only effective ways to pull free traffic to your dropshipping store fast.

This is an updated version of our previous blog post with the title “4 ways to get more traffic to your dropshipping store.”

Previously, we analyzed just 4 ways, and here’s the update with 26 advanced ways to drive traffic to your dropshipping store.

We know you already have a dropshipping store, or are creating one with Ali2Woo presently. But you may be worried to know the free traffic sources in 2019.

A quick warning: This article contains advanced traffic tips and not those same ideas you’ve been trying for ages. So, brace up let’s do this now.

Before we proceed, take a look at this infographic for a quick overview.


Setting up an online dropshipping store may not be a stroll in the park, but when you’re well-equipped with the right information and tools, you can scale easily. Ecommerce platforms make it easy for one to set up a dropshipping store without being a badass code writer, website designer or expert web developer.

The big question is “after building my store, will my prospects come to buy?” This is why you need intense marketing and branding to bring in traffic to your dropshipping store. Get this; your store is as good as invisible if you don’t have any source of traffic to it.

1. The Reversed Guest Posting Method


It’s common with virtually every guest posts, to see the author bio at the bottom of the post – that’s what ‘we all know.’ But then, you can attest that you, in particular, don’t even read such bios at the bottom of posts, and this calls for the ‘reversed guest posting method.

Here are quick steps to achieve this method of generating traffic to your dropshipping store:

  • Create an engaging guest post
  • Embed helpful resources (links to about two or more helpful materials, and your Ali2Woo dropshipping store must be inclusive).
  • Practically, embedding your store link as a helpful resource in the body of the article causes more traffic than having your link in the bio section at the bottom.

2. Leverage on Content Marketing


You probably don’t know the power of great content but get this; you get more customers with top quality contents that catch their interest.

Whether it’s blog posts, videos, podcasts, or social media campaigns, create something that is in line with your niche. These contents must be relevant to your prospects and must showcase your expertise in your niche.

Publish them often to increase the engagement you get from your audience; this, in turn, increases your store’s entry point.

While you are bent on selling your products, you need to find how to engage your audience more, enlighten them and enhance their experience with your brand. You can achieve this through content creation. Tap into the interests of your audience and create contents that they’ll like and share.

3. Click To Tweet Links


If you know how much traffic you can get from this strategy, you may not want to try any of those outdated methods again.

Click To Tweet Links remains one of the best ways to harness traffic from social media. How do you achieve this method?

  • Find something to be tweeted in your content. It could be a strategy or statistics.
  • Generate a Click To Tweet Link. Login to clicktotweet.com and write your tweet. Then click to generate a unique link.
  • Attach the link to your to your content. Readers can click and share as tweets.

4. Go for List Posts


List posts are undoubted, a better source of traffic. With proven tracks of list posts performing better than infographics and normal blog posts, it’s time to take that path.

When next you want to create contents, make them in a list format. With proper SEO and information on your content, you should many shares, likes, comments and visits. These guarantee better conversion.

5. Increase your Visibility with SEO


You can boost your site’s traffic when you focus on its SEO and achieve it.

Improving your store’s search engine optimization to make it appear higher on search results is vital. Many search engines exist including Bing, Google, among others. If your site can be found on any these search engines, perhaps on the first page when a prospect searches, it’s easier to gain traffic that converts.

With Ali2Woo, your site can enjoy heavy lifting regarding SEO. However, you need to put more efforts with on-page and off-page optimization.

Conduct proper keyword research, study and find the keywords that helped shoot your competitors to their higher positions. Also, check out for the possible words that a potential buyer would search.

You can achieve these keyword research using tools like SEO Chat, Keyword Planner, or other premium tools.

When you successfully find the keywords you want to rank for, the next step is to incorporate them into your website contents appropriately. Your page titles, headers, images, product descriptions should have these keywords.

6. Update Existing Blog Posts


This method works like magic if you want to generate more traffic to your dropshipping store. Get an outdated blog post or content on your dropshipping store, make some changes and publish. What type of changes are we talking here?

  • You can add screenshots
  • Eliminate old and outdated ideas
  • Add new strategies, features, or tricks
  • Make the post live by relaunching as a brand new post.

7. Go for Influencers


Just so you know or to remind you, influencers are those with very large social media followers and audience; they charge different prices to promote products. These people are “life-savers” for many dropshipping and ecommerce stores.

Just a mention of your product by a good influencer can shoot unimaginable traffic to your site. Take your time to find good and most popular influencers in your niche, and let them do the job. It’s good to know that different influencers have various quotes. While some would just need a sample of your product to help you shout out, others would like to have a cut from your business. Know what you want, what you can afford, and go for an influencer that best suits your budget.

8. Go for Share Triggers


How much do you push people to share your dropshipping contents? Your social media posts, blog posts among others perform better when shared.

Share triggers are what you include in the contents you publish to make people share it. It has been proven that share triggers make people want to share your contents, and when they do, it means better traffic to your dropshipping store.

9. Leverage on Podcasts


A good percentage of your audience listens to podcasts often. What’s the catch? You don’t really need to start up your podcast episodes and deliver daily or weekly, no!

Go on other people’s podcasts as a guest maybe twice in a month, and have your links as backlinks.

10. Tap from the Benefits of Social Media


Did you know that a majority of your target audience is right there on social media platforms?

You just need to be everywhere and not stuck to a particular social site. However, sites with a low budget may choose one or two social media platforms to focus.

You can start with Facebook which has over 2 billion active users every month. Share blog posts, exclusives, special offers, promotions, and contents.

It’s a great idea to delve into YouTube too and share product discussions, advice, How to use, and others. YouTube has over 30 million visitors each day, imagine a fraction of this number seeing your video.

Pinterest is also on the list and Twitter. Just be versatile on social media and gain more traffic to your dropshipping store.

At the end of every post, content or other things you publish on social media handles, do well to include clear Call To Action (CTA) and links to your product pages or site so readers or viewers can follow through to your website.

11. Create Contents that probably go Viral


Hey! There are no stipulated rules for creating viral contents. But Guess what? There are steps you can follow to increase the odds that your contents will go viral. Now, check these out:

Viral contents often have visuals which could be infographics, images.

Viral contents often have high utility. They’re quite helpful to a large number of people.

Long-form contents tend to go viral than short ones.

Before your content goes viral, you need to push (promote) it.

12. Post on Social Media at Strategic Times


While there is no perfect time to publish your contents on social media, some periods seem to bring in better engagement to your posts, than others.

Posting on Facebook around 12 pm, 5 pm and 7 am yields better engagement. Likewise, Pinterest goes best around 2 pm, 9 pm and 2 am. On the other hand, Instagram goes around 2 am, 9 am and 5 pm. Google+ appears to cause more engagement when you post around 9 am, 11 am and 1 pm.

13. Content Transformation

This works like magic in most cases.

Content transformation entails converting a good and existing content into another format. You could convert your blog post into a YouTube video, or an eBook. This opens your content to new and more traffic.

14. Classified Ads Sites

Classified ads websites allow users to advertise for free.

These sites can help you boost your site traffic. Many countries have classified ads websites. So you have to make your advertisements work in line with their requirements.

Create several ads in different categories to increase your odds of getting better results.

15. Create a YouTube Channel for Your Dropshipping Store


YouTube is indeed one of the best things to happen to our generation, and you need to tap from it.

Create a YouTube channel and upload informative videos related to your drophipping niche. It may also feature viral and other informative contents. Take a look at our YouTube Channel to see what it looks like.

No matter how less technical the visual is, the information quality can generate many views and link back to your store.

16. Post Your Videos on Other Platforms

Your video contents shouldn’t just end on YouTube. This is 2019, and many other platforms boast of numerous viewers who are your potential buyers.

Post your videos on Vimeo, Dailymotion, among others. Link back to your site and watch your traffic statistics climb up.

17. Spy your Competitors

You don’t need to view your competitor’s site from their backend to see how they generate traffic to their dropshipping store.

Login to Similar Web, and do the spying. You’ll learn your competitor’s sources of traffic. If they guest post on a particular site, and this gets them tons of traffic, you may want to guest post on such site too. When you follow their methods closely, you’ll observe increased traffic to your dropshipping store.

18. Give Solution-rich Answers on Quora


If you’re looking to generate good traffic to your dropshipping store, you shouldn’t miss out on Quora.

Quora users post their questions and get answers from fellow users. This platform has various areas of interests you can choose and post or answer questions.

People who ask questions on this platform are bent on getting solution-rich answers. If what you offer, by any means, creates a solution, it’s easier to drop answers and link back to your store.

19. Forums are Goldmine

A lot of internet users who look to generate traffic to their sites tend to neglect forums. Dropshippers are victims of this as well.

Unknowing to many, Forums is more like a funnel that brings people back to your site though it takes time. Find forums related to your dropshipping niche, join and become an active member. Ask questions, post contents and create solutions with a link back to your store.

20. Drop Comments and Encourage Comments

For SEO-savvy dropshippers, getting traffic to your dropshipping store can be achieved when you drop your comments and encourage readers to comment as well.

When you post content, tell readers to share their thoughts. This provides additional insights and the possibility of your posts showing up on search results.

Dropping comments on posts related to your store or what you offer is helpful. However, don’t drop one-word comments as they may be deleted or seen as spam.

Contribute through your comments and link back to your site in some cases, this boosts traffic to your site.

21. Send Catchy Emails


Sometimes you miss potential customers or traffic because you don’t follow up.

Sending a catchy email with engaging subject line reminds your subscribers or your addressee to have a look at your store. This can boost your site traffic.

Be creative with your emails, and make them feature different things at different times. These include sales announcements, updates on products, discounts, and many more.

22. Optimization of Product Descriptions

Product description is a process you shouldn’t undermine. An informative and optimized product description increases your odds of better conversion.

Make your descriptions SEO-friendly with the right keywords (low competition and high search volumes). Random web surfers are likely to see your store and possibly, and this pulls in traffic to your dropshipping store.

23. Image Optimization

Many dropshippers import products and their details from AliExpress directly without edits. However, there’s room for improvements.

Make your picture file names to include relevant keywords, as well resize to ensure the pictures are not too big for the pages they go into. Likewise, include alt tags to optimize your images.

24. Post on Influential Platforms


Sharing value is good, but it’s best when you reach a wider audience with your value.

Influential platforms like Medium.com increase your odds of reaching a wider audience. However, you need good writing skill, so you pose your brand as an expert in the industry.

Share your contents and inform your existing audience about the new posts on such platforms.

25. Create Unique and Dedicated Social Media Account

A Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, or an Instagram page is paramount for building social proof and recognition.

Before you invite followers or grow your social media pages, do well to make all your page features available and custom to your dropshipping business. Fill out your details to get started.

Now, take a few seconds to look at our Twitter and Facebook pages to see what a good business account looks like (Please follow our pages).

It’s best to set up a new account for your dropshipping business, and not to tweak your personal accounts to include your business offering.

26. Follow Similar YouTube Channels


A simple strategy here!

Go on the look for YouTube channels that offer similar things or post contents that are related to what you sell or offer.

It’s easier to attract attention to your channels if you become active in this area. Your account should appear reliable and make your offering clear. No shady profiles, and do well to link back to your store.

You should focus first on building a brand, getting more traffic, and making sales in the end. Create better brand awareness, tap into the huge benefits of SEO, and push more traffic to your sites. Ali2Woo does a significant lifting when it comes to SEO; make your brand stand out with more traffic, and you’ll be wowed at the sales you make.

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