28 Dropshipping Ideas for Fresh Entrepreneurs (in 2019) [Infographic]

Great news for dropshipping entrepreneurs! This is an updated version of the a previous blog post “15 dropshipping tips for fresh entrepreneurs.”

Here, you’ll get to know 28 advanced and expert tips for new dropshipping entrepreneurs.

Here’s an infographic to give you a clue at a glance.

Dropshipping is a right business for any entrepreneurship enthusiast. You don’t have to carry inventory to sell goods; it all lies on the product manufacturer to create, package and ship goods to your customers.

Why Should You Dropship?

In dropshipping business, you don’t have to worry about packaging, or shipping your products when you make a sale. Just get your customers to order, and you’re good to go. Check out some of the reasons why you should become a dropshipping entrepreneur.

  • Low Cost: Goods are mainly from China, and this guarantees lower prices. You can sell these products at great market prices and make your profits.
  • Low Risk: While many other businesses have higher risks, dropshipping entrepreneurs incur low risks as you only pay for goods delivered successfully. You don’t buy and hoard which often comes with the risk of selling below cost in downtimes.
  • Easy Kickoff: You can start selling the very day you sign up, and product importation can be very quick.
  • Automation: Just with some clicks, you can import products to your site, and with a couple of clicks, you can process your orders. Ali2Woo plugin helps automate many processes, making the search for suppliers and order processing easier.

Dropshipping ideas for Entrepreneurs

1. Create your own Store


Don’t dropship on Amazon or eBay as a fresh dropshipping entrepreneur; you can’t beat the competition, and you’ll be left with little or no profit.

Get a custom store designed for you by Ali2Woo, or purchase Ali2Woo plugin to create your store. It’s common to see new dropshippers trying to sell on eBay and Amazon because they don’t want to spend resources setting up their store; this is not a good idea.

Focus on building your store and generating traffic directly to it for better business results. Also check out the list of 26 free traffic sources for 2019, which we recommend to use in dropshipping.

2. Hone Your Focus on Market Mastering


While you don’t cater to packaging and shipping, you have to hone your focus on marketing.

Marketing is the real deal, and you need to spend time and resources to learn how to achieve this. It entails mastering the arts of running ads, growing traffic, and traffic conversion.

SEO and ads can drive better traffic to your store, and you need to know that most stores have a conversion rate of 1-2%. This entails little or no sales for stores that get about 100 visitors.

When you focus your marketing on ads, you can get better sales, though SEO can make you rank higher on search engines. You can also build an audience by creating blog content and making your product pages optimized. This reduces your ad spend.

Dropshipping entrepreneurs need conversions on their stores to grow. It’s possible to use scarcity and urgency to bring people to buy from your store; you can also add customer reviews to build your social proofs. As a fresh dropshipping entrepreneur, make your site navigable and presentable with images on your homepage. Take actions to ensure your store is optimized.

3. Create Enticing Offer

One of the keys to making sales on your store as a new dropshipping entrepreneur is creating engaging offers.

Make your products to be on sale with the right deal, and you’ll most probably covert your store visitors. You can also offer bundle deals, and do well to focus on similar products with that offer. If your visitors like the product, they’ll be pushed to get more of it. Once you’ve convinced them to pull out their cards, you can sell over and over again.

4. Sort Quality and Reliable Suppliers Quickly

While many suppliers appear and claim to be good, reliable and easy to work with, some of them don’t work as advertised. Whether you’re a new or existing dropshipping entrepreneur, it’s easy to find suppliers who work and deliver as advertised with Ali2Woo Plugin. Verified suppliers often have committed staff that is bent on ensuring your products are delivered.

5. Don’t Underprice your Products


You need to have a lower product cost if you must make better profits. Getting products at nearly wholesale prices makes it easier to sell at market prices and still make better profits. Consider the costs of marketing, running your store and other business expenses before setting your product price.

Don’t be obsessed with reducing your prices when other stores are reducing theirs if your prices are within market value and fair enough. It’s also important to increase your average order value to enjoy better profits. Draft and follow strategies that put in the lane of making moiré money.

6. Automate your Business

The best of dropshipping business comes with automation. When you use Ali2Woo, you automate your dropshipping business to a large extent. This gives you more time to choose other sources of passive income and your passion. With the right ecommerce automation tools, you can easily grow and scale your dropshipping business.

7. Build a Presentable and Easy-to-navigate Website

To get the best of dropshipping, you need to have a customer-friendly site coupled with other factors. Your site shouldn’t make visitors bounce off; it should have good homepage images and many other features.

Before you let your site go live, check out your competitors and others who are doing very well in your niche. What’s unique with their Homepage? How about their product page format? What are the pages you can find on their website? What about their images, logos and feature apps? You need to study, research and analyze many things regarding your website before going live.

When you must have learned what others are doing well in their sites, go to Ali2Woo to find apps that will help you brand your store in line with some tricks used by successful brands. You may want to include affiliate programs, shoppable Instagram galleries among others. Also add certain pages like FAQ, refund policy, and privacy policy to your site. Do well to use stock photos for the images that will go on your homepage.

8. Make your Customer Service Unique

One thing should be clear in your mind; you’re not the only one selling that product, you just need to stand out, and this begins with excellent customer service. Responding to customer requests swiftly and offering refunds is paramount but don’t really make you stand out.

Make your customers feel at home, be friendly, write thank you cards and send them if they are returning buyers. For repeat customers, offer them exclusives and do things that make your customers feel appreciated for their patronage. You don’t have to wait till you become a big brand before you appreciate your customers, start from the very first sale. This is because customers can easily remember the special treatment you gave them even more than what they bought from your store.

9. Niche Store Vs. General

If you want to create a store for experimentation and possibly choosing a niche, then you need a general store. Create a unique product category for each type of product and make it easy for users to browse. However, if you have a validated business idea, perhaps from your previous research, it’s advisable to opt for a niche store. With a niche store, you can easily find your audience and promote a particular product to them. For instance, you can delve into the running niche which falls into the fitness category in general. As a dropshipping entrepreneur, if you have a plan of expanding your store and delve into other categories with time, then you don’t need a domain name that is tied to your niche.

10. Set Out Some Hundred Of Dollars To Pay For What Customers Purchase

When customers order and pay for your products, it could take some time for you to cash out if you’re using Stripe or PayPal.

But in the meantime, you need to purchase the items they’ve paid for.

A credit card can serve you right while you wait for their money to clear.

11. Go for ePacket


Without a doubt, ePacket is a very fast shipping method, yet affordable. You don’t have to break the bank for your customers to enjoy free shipping, and that’s why it’s wise to sort items based on ePacket shipping. Averagely, most products can be shipped via ePacket shipping for just $5, giving you the chance to still make the profit if you sell at market value.

12. Make Shipping Times VERY Clear

You don’t only need a shipping policy page. It’s important to be clear with your shipping times if you must build a long list of happy clients.

Ensure that your shipping times are listed where prospects can see it easily. Otherwise, you’ll have to upset your customers, have them chargeback and make them do away with your store and offerings in the future. This is a dropshipping idea many new dropshippers fail to implement.

13. Prepare for Challenges

No business is without obstacles, and the earlier you prepare to meet and overcome these challenges, the better for your business. You’ll need to pivot severally while you push your store along the path of growth.

While you may be doing good in your niche, a new trend, if not followed up and capitalized, may push you behind the competition. You may like a product, but your customers don’t, it’s good to remove it from your store. Likewise, ads may perform greatly with amazing results, requiring that you scale it up; then you may need a loan from your bank.

If your ecommerce business must grow and last for years, you need to know when to take action; pivot cannot be said to be good or bad, it just ensure continued business growth.

14. Create a Rock-solid Refund Policy


In as much as you’re a new dropshipping entrepreneur, you need to stand your ground and set your rules at this initial time.

Indicate in your refund policy page that you only refund faulty items, broken, or wrong deliveries. In most cases, there should be a picture or video proof of your complaints. You don’t refund because buyers changed their minds, and wouldn’t want to buy again.

Also, indicate that you only refund when they send back the products according to your policy.

15. Stay Active Every Day

Without daily effort, most businesses wouldn’t have grown. While some need up to 8 hours daily to keep it moving, dropshipping entrepreneurs need to spend at least an hour daily on their business. Every day, you have to process orders to ensure your customers get their delivery quickly. Likewise, you need to respond to customers’ queries and requests within 24 hours to increase your credibility.

On the other hand, you need daily effort on the marketing side as a new dropshipping entrepreneur; if you’re not automating your social media posting, you’re optimizing your ads or checking on them to know their performance.

16. Follow Up Emails


Collecting emails of your customers during purchase, as well as prospect’s emails is necessary.

But note that you don’t always have to send them promotional emails discussing new products and offers. How about support messages? How are your products serving those who purchased your products?

This is a idea you should put to work as a new dropshipping entrepreneur. Send your customers emails and let them know how to reach you if they need after-sale support. Customers who benefit from this idea will likely come back to buy more.

17. Set Up a ‘LIKE’ Campaign Directed To Your Facebook Fan page

Build your Facebook page authority by running a 2-3 days ‘like’ campaign to your fan page.

Running this type of campaign will increase your page likes, and make prospects trust your brand more, and this means more sales. Get many likes and stand out from other new dropshipping entrepreneurs.

18. Order Samples of Products


One of the best tips to implement as a fresh dropshipping entrepreneur is to order samples from your proposed supplier, especially if you want to dropship small items. This idea has great potential, allowing you to create better product photos and have a first-hand experience of the product before you sell.

As a new dropshipping entrepreneur, you can write better product descriptions, and make amazing videos for your product reviews, FB ads, and many other marketing materials when you order for samples first. It’s easy to experience making a purchase from your store first before your customers do, making you improve any feature or part that is not up to standard.

19. Light and Durable is Better

As a beginner, it’s quite tempting to sell anything that seems to bring profit. But before you import pictures of those large items, consider logistics.

Dropshipping entrepreneurs don’t do brick and mortar business where logistics isn’t an issue. After all, your buyers will cater to that once they pay for their items.

In dropshipping, it’s better to opt for light and durable products, so you don’t incur loss or scare buyers with shipping fees.

20. Start with 25 Item

Many fresh dropshipping entrepreneurs import hundreds of item for a start; this is wrong. While it sounds and feels enticing to have tons of products on your store, it can be detrimental to your business in some cases as a starter.

Stuffing your store with many products from the onset comes with the hassle of rewriting product descriptions, removing logos from some images and more.

When you start with say, 25 items, you launch your business fast, write better descriptions and start making sales quickly. Perhaps you add about 10 to 20 products weekly and scale up while you’re making a profit. You just need one good product to make your first sale.

21. Study your Competition

You need to monitor your competition to know if you’re still on track. Like your competitors’ social media pages, and monitor their pages, and websites regularly.

When you like their pages, you can easily spot their products, retarget your ads based on the comments and engagements they get.

With proper competitor analysis, you can spot which products to sell and the contents your audience would like to see and engage easily. You can become a better marketer and make good sales when you monitor other dropshipping entrepreneurs and their store activities.

22. Add a Phone Number and Return All Calls


A good dropshipping idea is to add a phone number to your contact, footer, header, and even about us sections of your website. Guess what? Some customers will not call, but you build your store’s trustworthiness with it.

As a new dropshipping entrepreneur, when you miss some calls, do well to return them. Running a store and having an active phone number on it doesn’t mean you’ll be available every second, but do well to return calls ASAP, else they’ll buy from your competitors.

23. Create a Trustworthy and Reliable Ecommerce Brand

How you present your brand matters, and you need to take charge over it and tap from its full potential. What makes your business stand out? These could help you solidify your brand image. Remember, your customers prefer to buy from stores they can trust easily. You just need that brand image and trust to move your business from where it is up a notch. You offer a memorable experience to your customers when you build your brand’s trust, and this is a quality of a good dropshipping entrepreneur.

24. Go for more Payment Options

While some dropshipping entrepreneurs use just Stripe and PayPal, others create more payment options.

A good dropshipping idea is to provide more options so your customers can pay via any method they want. Here are some payment options you can consider:

  • PayPal
  • Apple pay
  • Stripe Atlas

25. FAQ Page


Did you know that most of the questions you get from some prospects are what scare others away?

When you set up your store, watch out for questions you get often. Create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section, and fill out answers to these questions. With this dropshipping idea, it’s easier to have your prospects read and purchase, and not move away without asking questions.

26. Study Shipping Times before Selecting Countries to Market to

Every new dropshipping entrepreneur should be mindful of places they sell to. Not all countries are equal. While shipping from China (your AliExpress supplier) to the USA might be cheaper faster, shipping to other regions can take up to 5 weeks. S

Take your time to check your supplier’s delivery times, and always go for countries that can be delivered within 3 weeks, for a start. This is great for a beginner, and you can expand when you grow in the business.

27. Get ready for Returns and Related Issues


As a new dropshipping entrepreneur, you don’t have to think that the journey will be rosy throughout. Even expert dropshippers do face hard time and troubles from some customers.

Issues like lost shipment, returns, and back orders are bound to arise. However, it’s good to plan for these contingencies, and discuss with your supplier to ensure such cases are reduced to the barest minimum and addressed in rare scenarios.

28. Get Ready To Spend To Make Money

This is a hard truth many dropshipping entrepreneurs will not tell you – you need to spend money to make money.

However, most of your expenditures will be channeled to marketing efforts, and all you can do is to maximize your results from little resources. Ranging from Facebook ads to Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, email marketing and many more, you need to know what marketing strategy works for your store.

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