14 Adorable Dropshipping Products for Spring 2019

Spring is a great time to look for new products for an AliExpress dropshipping store and carefully calculate potential profit they can bring. We used Google Trends data to suggest high-potential goods for the next months.

In every recommended product type you can choose 1-5 items to refresh your store assortment or open a whole new category on your site. Or may it be, you won’t find anything appropriate for your business, but will be inspired to think out something really profitable for you.

1. Easter

Easter Decorations For Home Wedding

According to NRF, in USA 87% of parents have Easter baskets for their children. Shoppers spent $18.4 billion on Easter in 2017. People visit parents and friends and present a lot of little signs of attention.Easter products are baskets, chocolate, Easter eggs, soft bunnies, cards and so various home and table decor for Easter dinner.

To post some cute photos to their Instagram accounts, your customers need to buy these cute things at your AliExpress dropshipping store. As you see, Instagram and Pinterest are appropriate marketing channels for it.

2. Mother's Day

Jewelry Mother's Day Presents

In 2019 it is May 12. People spend on Mother’s Day gifts even more than on Easter. There is a wide variety of suitable products on AliExpress, from cards to costume jewellery and T-shirts with words ‘Mom’, ‘love’ and symbols of motherhood. Browse AliExpress or sites like Gift.com for inspiring ideas. Don’t forget to offer gifts for grandmas too.

For example, jewelry traffic peaks the Monday before Mother’s Day — often consumers do not plan ahead. As dropshippers have to consider shipping time, you should remind your visitors and followers that Mother’s Day is coming and offer them elegant gifts or gift sets.

3. Products for Infants

Infants Tooth Care Products

Demand for products for babies is very stable, it never lowers or raises much. The theme is one of leaders in Google Trends at the beginning of 2019. What is products for infants?

They are cute rompers (some of them with a hood and funny ears are adorable, you can make attractive ads with them), bodies and tiny socks. Also packs of swaddles and linen with funny patterns.

They are first toys: sleek wooden rattles, simple cars, baby tower rings and soft balls, cubes, spirals, rattles and books. Search on AliExpress and add “Montessori” to find some items loved by parents. Don’t forget to write “Montessori” in product title and description on your online shop. Also, you can find tricky and captivating plastic toys that would entertain babies and your customers.

4. Swimming Pools

Lounge Swimming Pool

Interest to inflatable and portable swimming pools traditionally grows in the spring. Small models for children, big ones for all others — they are about pictures of leisure time, sunlight, hot weather, carelessness and joy. And these pictures help to sell the pools. Manufactures usually provide photos of relaxing families that you could use on your website.

Choose on AliExpress easy to set swimming pools and bundle them with pumps and hoses. Don’t forget repair kits! You may also sell bath and swimming toys, inflatable swimming rings and armlets. Furthermore, you will sell them in the summer as for home swimming pools, so for holidays at the seaside. Add them directly to your site with Ali2Woo plugin.

5. Dresses for Spring

Floral Printed Midi Dresses Spring

Spring is a season for women dresses. It is time for long dresses, light and bright dresses. They really can be worn during all the year, but every spring their sales rise. Linen, cotton, chiffon, silk — these fabrics are preferable. Show the dresses the best way with the WooCommerce dropshipping store theme we recommend. Add as many colours as you can and give your clients opportunity to switch and choose.

If you still feel uneasy about selling clothes by the internet, and anxious about returns, start with little girls dresses. Parents so often buy children’s clothes by height and so used to choose them a bit larger than actual size, that you can minimize your risks.

By the way, for children’s clothes we can recommend you to choose one of global style: traditional girl dresses, puffy and decorated, or modern dresses that looks like clothes for adult people, but very small. Don’t mix these styles at one online store, but choose one and build your brand and audienc

6. Handbags

Women Jelly Bags Purse Solid Color

New dresses need new bags. Little bags of simple tough forms, large soft bags — they are bestsellers for your AliExpress dropshipping store. The less elements they have, the less noticeable the furniture is — the better.

On the other hand, funny bags looking like dinosaurs of chest — a little bit crazy but funny and profitable. In spring you can surely broaden the assortment of bags available to your clients and add to classical calm models some bright and bold items.

Another way to sell more bags — evening ones. Bags for parties, weddings and masquerades may be glittering, decorated with sequins, crystals and glass beads or even feathers — in other words, something people rarely wear in everyday life.

7. Spring Shoes

Spring Ladies Shoes

Ankle boots, party shoes, ballet flats, moccasins, sneakers, tennis shoes, mules, flip flops, slippers, sandals and on and on. There are numerous types of light spring footwear. Shoes theme is one of permanent leaders at Google Trends.

Provide detailed size information, publish Returns and Refunds Policy and add some synonyms to the titles so that users can google shoes at your store.

Pay attention to athletic shoes. Specialized sneakers for running, yoga, Nordic walking, aerobics and so many other sport activities may help you to find your clients interested in it. Use specialized online communities to promote your products.

8. Home Improvement Products

Base Bathroom Products For Home Improvement

As Marie Kondo and Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners became so popular, products for home organisation became popular too. If they are not bought at IKEA, they can be bought at your AliExpress dropshipping store.

We are talking about organizers, storage boxes and baskets, bottles and tubes. People use them for everything: kitchen and bathroom storage, toys, medicine, jewelry, cosmetics, cables, screws… Supplement them with some beautiful cleaning staff, and you can satisfy clients of this niche.

Another great niche of products for home — decoration and equipment. Plates, vases, shelves, pet houses, wall key holders, everything holders — they may be awesome, funny, adorable and well sold items.

9. Spring Cleaning

Cleaning Wash Glove

Another home products category. According to MarketingProfs, traffic for cleaning products during the spring months is 18% higher than it is in the summer and 13% higher than it is in the fall. Traditions of spring cleaning, coming Easter and common feeling of a start after winter drive sales of cleaning stuff.

Though cleaning supplies can have nuanced seasonal trends use the global trend — eco-friendly products are in demand. Products like this may either budget-friendly nor really luxury. E.g. The Laundress and L’Eaundry brands, which are not AliExpress products, but you can use them as an example of strong positioning. They are rather costly products for fabric care loved for their strengths: ecological and concentrated The Laundress and perfumed L’Eaundry. Choose a pricing level — and work with your audience like this to sell as much as you can at your AliExpress dropshipping store.

10. Garden Equipment

Garden Outdoor water fountain

You could see different seeds at big retailers’ selves and there is a reason for that. It’s time to seed plants. Firstly, some prefer flowers, secondary, some are inspired by new opportunities: home gardens, vertical gardens are getting popular.

If you think that it is an old-fashioned downcast industry, you will be surprised. Like any other sphere, it gots a log of interesting tools and gadgets, from simple vegetable grow bags to smart lamps and pots to ‘plant and forget’.

Even ordinary garden pots could be made out of clay or other biodegradable materials and be pieces of good modern design, so your AliExpress dropshipping website will look like a professional well-equipped store.

11. Camping Equipment

Portable Garden Lamp Camping Equipment

Although some cool travellers and sportsmen are able to camp in the winter and other expremal conditions, for the most people camping is actual in spring and summer. Let’s care about their needs.

To have a great time outdoor, in the woods, people may use a lot of stuff. And even more additional stuff. You can build a whole AliExpress dropshipping store with it. We’ll mention just some of them.

Comfortable walking. Bright sun — your customers may need a sunscreen, in the evening or in the woods — insect repellent. And some plaster. And flask for water. Compass. To promote your product, you can focus on their features. Most interesting repellents are eco-friendly now, they are based on fruit acids. Most effective and safe sunscreens, appropriate even for children, are based on minerals: zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. Flasks and compasses are often bought as presents, so provide good photos for them.

You can sell a lot of camping clothes: cotton T-shirts, special socks for long walking, bright bandannas and caps, waterproof trousers and jackets, raincoats. Outdoor clothes is recommended to be really bright — so, that a person can be seen in the forest, between trunks of trees and thick green foliage.

As they will camping they will need light mess tin and cookware, metal plates and cups (wide variety of charming camping and picnic dish sets), special camping matches, that can be used in rain, multitool, ice bag. And all these goods you can find on AliExpress and add to your store.

Also, they may need a tent, sleeping bags and mats or inflatable mattresses with a pump. The main characteristic of this stuff is weight: the lighter the tent, bags and mats are, the better. Also add some tent-repair kits and seam sealers.

12. Grill and BBQ

Portable BBQ Burner Outdoor

The number of potential customers for grill and barbecue is more than for camping equipment. Both those who fled to the woods and who stayed in town will roast meat and vegetables.

Grill itself and even BBQ have a long life, while AliExpress dropshipping store would like to have repeating consumers. Should you add it to your store? The answer is accessories. AliExpress provide so wide variety of them that you can find something even for very experienced person. Meat thermometers, long-handle spatulas, silicon brushes, grill baskets, BBQ mats, mini smokehouses, rain covers, aprons and gloves — the more comfort and gadgets have a person over the coals the better.

13. Travel Devices

Travel Luggage Bag

Spring and summer are not only for camping, but also for seaside, hotels and planes. AliExpress provides accessories for travelling. Toothbrush covers, cosmetics bottles, suitcase covers, straps and locks, waterproof cases for gadgets and cables, power banks, luggage tags (Star Wars or cute owls?), travel pillows, sleeping masks, first aid kits,  you name it. All the stuff to make moving more comfortable.

You also can create a category for kids travelling because many devices and toys are able to make the flight easier as for parents, so for other passengers. By the way, you may add here some findings for swimming pools, we mentioned before, that can be used after the landing.

14. Pets Comfort

Comfortable Bed Supplies For Small Large Dogs

In general, accessories for pets should be in demand for the whole year. Yet, spring is the season their owners start to spend more time outside, travel and, if a dog or cat or bunny is not staying at home or in an animal hotel, they move too.

Dogs’ clothes, car seats covers or carrying cases could be the exact product that pet lovers are looking for. Show them LED pet collars, paw cleaning cup, amuse them and sell it to them. Offer cat owners feeding balls, interactive ball towers and carriers, looking like space capsules. Attractive design and new functions will lead your AliExpress dropshipping store visitors to the purchase.

As you see, popular things are new gadgets and eco-friendly materials in very old niches. So, this is the recipe for any AliExpress dropshipping store — find something amazing, well designed in your niche and your customers will be impressed with you.

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